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HUGE Discount on Apple Pro Software

In this video I will show you one of my favorite deals that could save you HUNDREDS of dollars on buying popular apps for Mac.


If you're a singer who wants to start recording vocals at home, or a songwriter who wants to start creating some demos for songs that you've written, this is the video for you!

For anyone looking to get started with home studio recordings, the best way to start learning the basics is starting with something simple and free.

If you’re an Apple user, I recommend starting with GarageBand. It’s free, and built into the Mac operating system. It’s a great basic software for learning how to record yourself and create your own music at home.

For a great free training course on learning the basics of using GarageBand, watch my video on how to access LinkedIn Learning courses for free, and watch GarageBand Essentials for Mac by Garrick Chow.

►►  Watch How to Access LinkedIn Learning for Free!



When you feel like you’ve mastered the basics and you’re looking for professional software that will give you more choices and options, I recommend upgrading to Logic Pro.

Logic Pro is professional recording software that helps you to record, arrange and create final mixes of your songs and recordings.

But before you buy Logic Pro, let me tell you about one of my favorite deals with Apple called the Pro Apps Education bundle!

Why spend the money for one piece of software, when you can get Logic Pro PLUS four other professional apps from Apple for the same price?


  • Why you want to get started with GarageBand for free
  • Why you want to upgrade to Logic Pro when you’re ready for professional recording software
  • Why buying the Pro Apps Education bundle will save you hundreds of dollars on software, which includes Logic Pro, Final Cut Pro, Motion, Compressor, and MainStage
  • How to find and buy the Pro Apps Education bundle
  • How to activate and download your software

Hope you enjoy!


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