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Online Training

Online Coaching Options for Your Singing Goals!

Whether you need vocal tune-up once in a while, or consistent training to keep your voice in top form, private coaching will help Sing Like A Pro!
Right from the comfort of your home.

Skype (Preferred)

Available for Apple and Windows Devices

Download Skype

Zoom Meetings

Available for Apple and Windows Devices

Download Zoom

FaceTime (Apple devices)

Available for Apple Devices

Download FaceTime

Skype Lessons 

(Preferred Online Method) 

Here's what you need to know before your Skype lesson:

  • Download Skype to your preferred device
  • It's your responsibility to record your lesson to practice with
  • Right before our lesson begins, send me a message over chat on Skype to let me know you're ready to go. I'll join you when I'm done with my previous lesson

Online Lessons FAQ