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Studio Coaching

Get the most out of your recordings

Professional athletes have coaches in training and during games. Professional singers do too. If you want to Sing Like a Pro in the studio, bring your vocal coach to the studio!

Studio Coaching

$130 per Hour

2-Hour Minimum

  • Get your session off to the right start with the right vocal warm up
  • Help getting the right sound, energy, and emotion for your song
  • Get your voice back on track if it starts getting tired or hurting
  • You're less likely to have to book extra studio time because of a bad vocal session
  • Save money on your budget by getting the most out of your vocal sessions

Have confidence in your vocal sessions

Step 1:

To start a new project off on the right foot, preparation is key! Start your project with vocal coaching before music production begins to get the right key for YOUR voice, and the song.

Step 2:

When it comes time to record, have your vocal coach in the studio with you to get the recording possible. You'll save money on your projects in the long run because you won't need to book extra time in the studio because of a bad session.