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Make a Karaoke Track with Vocal Remover

 In this video I will show you one of my favorite tools for creating an instrument track for practicing or performing if you can’t find a good karaoke track.


As a singer, It’s really important that you find good karaoke or instrumental tracks to sing along with. Quality tracks will help you become a better singer and performer, and help you prepare songs that you can sing for a setlist or an audition book.

These days, it's pretty easy to find good quality karaoke or instrumental tracks of your favorite songs on YouTube, Apple Music, or wherever you buy your music.

But once in a while there might be a song you would like to sing and you can’t find a decent track. Maybe it’s a song that’s not popular enough for karaoke track makers to create a quality version.

Or maybe there’s plenty of karaoke tracks out there, but they sound cheap or they’re really difficult to sing along with.

In that case, try Vocal Remover!


Vocal Remover is a website you can use to try and create your own instrumental version of a song you want to sing along with.

Vocal Remover is free to use at least once a day, and usually takes less than a minute to isolate the music from the vocals, and download the music track.

I can't guarantee that you're going to get a quality track every single time, but most of my results have been very good and it's definitely worth a try if you can't find a decent karaoke track.


  • How easy it is to use the Vocal Remover website
  • How to upload the music track to remove the vocals
  • How to download the music track once it’s done

Hope you enjoy!

- Anjanette

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