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Voice Straw

The most effective and complete vocal training tools on the market.

More than just "singing through a straw." Voice Straw is backed by over than 20 years of science. Our ground-breaking and comprehensive vocal tools keep your voice strong, healthy and balanced. So whether you are professional singer, actor, or speaker—or you just want to sing at a night of karaoke—we're here to help you keep your voice in check.


The Science of How it Works:


Voice Straws

The straw is a training and rehabilitation tool for singers, speakers, actors and any other voice enthusist or professional. It is all about pressure and resistance in the throat. Some voice users will require a larger straw, others a smaller size. There are plenty of straws out there but the Voice Straw offers a few unique features that truly leverage the science it is founded on.

Voice Cups

Vocal Cups create and balance acoustical pressure. When you add the Voice Cup with the straw, you are able to get a tight seal around your mouth and actually sing, talk, yell, distort all while getting the vocal tract to remain its it healthy configuration. It’s a must-have tool for anyone looking to improve their sound & strengthen their voice! 

Voice Kit

The Combo Kit helps to relieve tension, strain, breathiness, cracking, and flipping in the voice. It's scientifically shown to improve technique for singers, voiceover actors, and anyone who relies on voice projection as part of their work. The straw regulates aerodynamic pressures while the cup balances acoustical pressure making it a complete vocal package.


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